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At Doucecroft School we have created an environment that meets the needs of children and young people with Autism and associated learning needs. We have the resources and skills to promote the education, independence and social skills for those who attend the school helping them to fulfill their potential.

Students at Doucecroft School have access to some outstanding facilities and resources that help individuals to develop their social interaction and play skills.  Leisure times are carefully structured to maximise students opportunities to learn and develop.  A variety of activities enable students to make informed choices.

Doucecroft School can offer flexible boarding options, including respite care.  Residential students have access to a range of leisure activities, both on and off site.  The emphasis is on personal development, including independence, self management and skills for life.

The 24 hour curriculum includes enhanced provision for physical education.  Students have access to a range of activities including horse riding, canoeing, sailing, trampolining, running and adventure activites.  Team Doucecroft take part in competitive sports activities with other similar schools within the Panathlon framework.  Doucecroft Football Team have shown development in their ability to work as a team.

Our College provision, features an all-inclusive post-16 curriculum.  Designed to prepare students for the next step in their lives, we aim to meet the individual needs of our students, across the ability range.  

Welcome to Doucecroft School and College

The school is one of the services offered by Autism Anglia, a charity who provide a range of services across East Anglia to enable children, young people and adults with autism to live as independently as possible and experience choice and inclusion in society. Click here to find out more about the organisation.

Join the Team

All our job vacancies at Doucecroft can be found here, alongside our other exciting employment opportunities at Autism Anglia.

A Happy Balance

"As a Parent, I know my child is valued as an individual and all his needs are met."

"You understand our lives and being able to share that with someone who can relate makes a massive difference."

"He was so chuffed with his medals and trophy, we had to stop at both Nanny's to show them."

Visiting The School

Parents and carers seeking a place for their child may visit the school on Wednesdays between 9.30am and 1.30pm. Please phone to make an appointment.

Quality Assurance

Education and Care provision at Doucecroft School are regularly inspected or reviewed by Ofsted and Autism Accreditation. Reports from recent inspections can be found here.



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 Last Day Of Summer Term